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The mission and philosophy of FIRST GROUP CAPITAL

An enterprise is like a human, its life cycle from birth to early youth, to grown-up, to be mature even in getting decline and to the life end, or at almost ending point restart with another image of new life or next new generation, the business journey is totally like the growth road of a human, so how to guide and help an enterprise has regulatory and fit steps in its every stage from the beginning to its ambition achieved, that is the thinking and valuable mission to FIRST GROUP CAPITAL LIMITED.

What FIRST GROUP CAPITAL can do for enterprises?

Through decades years of experience on managing an enterprise and make enterprises go to listing in capital market by the founders of FIRST GROUP CAPITAL, FIRST GROUP CAPITAL can provide the whole chain of professional solutions and services on corporate governance and capital operation at all the stages to an enterprise, including how to incorporate a business under the laws and rules, what fundamental governance elements and structure need to be established to a standard an enterprise, how to evaluate an enterprise at its different growing stage, how to show the value to potential investors, how to finance from bank and capital market, how to M&A (merger and acquisition) a business so to enhance business advantages, how to exit from a business so to obtain return on an investment, and so on such issues related to a journey of an enterprise.

Thus, FIRST GROUP CAPITAL can be the steward and solutions to enterprises, no matter where your business is, no matter in which state your business growth is at and no matter how your business is performing, in good situation or bad situation, FIRST GROUP CAPITAL at all time gives you the best solution to assist you to achieving your business goals, ideas and aspirations.

Why FIRST GROUP CAPITAL has advantages at corporate governance and financing in capital market

It’s because the founders and work team of the FIRST GROUP CAPITAL have profound practical experience in this field.

Besides preeminent Chairman and CEO, FIRST GROUP CAPITAL has strong and supportive team which composed by securities lawyers, certified auditors, investment bankers, specialist investors, security analysis, experts and professors in the company rules, and such specialist of capital market.

The specific services of FIRST GROUP CAPITAL

FIRST GROUP CAPITAL set its foot in every stage of a business and enterprise developing lifecycle by offering professional advice, solutions, training courses and specific services on company’s governance affairs and financing in the capital market, FIRST GROUP CAPITAL would also participate in the investments and acquisition on those valuable and promising projects which depend on its evaluation.

Basic services including below:

In the period of company set up Startup Growth Period Maturity
Service items A. Company registration A. Project Valuation A. Listing options and arrangement A. Merge and acquisitions
B. Bank account set up B. PE Sourcing B. Training and guiding on compliance and corporate governance B. Exit Sourcing
C. Partner Finder